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Are You Boring Your Customers With Your Marketing?

They have a load of stock that needs to be sold, they have a new product in development that should be coming online this quarter, their competition has just released a new service or product and it needs addressing…

So what is the boardroom mentality for the marketing team?

“Well, we need to get rid of these so we’ll put an offer on. We could get our customers to spot them in the background of some pictures or videos we put out on social media.” Or “This new product is going to be amazing. We could get or followers to share the posts for the chance to win one!”

The bad news for those companies is that their customers simply don’t care…

None of that means anything to their customers. There may be surplus stock because the product didn’t go down well in the first place, in which case why would looking for them in the back of a photo or video be appealing for anyone to engage with?

Equally, a new product has come in to the market and is relatively untested. Of course, bigger companies can spend on a PR campaign to get pre-release versions in front of influencers and press. This could still mean totally nothing to an audience as they have had no time to connect.

Now, bear with me because I am certainly not saying these companies shouldn’t ever bring anything new out, but you’ll probably notice that the most successful campaigns are those which have taken to the time to be as relevant to their consumer as possible.

They will have got their distribution channel sorted and as a result their lists will be growing. As their lists grow they can start to understand what will be relevant to their audience.

They could even simply ask.

If they have a list with all of their potential customers on it then why wouldn’t they make a survey to discover what their audience likes. Comedy? Drama? Graphics? Animation? Information? Prose? Story? Case studies? Academic studies?

We have to develop a mindset that this content is not just advertising. It is a powerful tool for businesses to develop a genuine and meaningful relationship with their customers and clients.

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