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Does Your Team Have The Right Skills To Market Your Business Effectively?

Companies could have built their own distribution network, they could have nailed down their unique selling proposition and could have developed a solid process for attracting new customers…

They could have decided on content that they think is relevant to their audience and that engages them on an emotional level.

Are they still going to make their marketing content themselves?

What if their content needs a particular type of lighting set up, or it now needs aerial photography or stabilised video?

Are they going to go and buy a drone and send someone from marketing on the course?

Are the business owners themselves going to buy a gimbal and some B1s to ensure their shot is just right?

Most likely, no. They are going to hire experts.

People who make films and videos for their living. People who know how to connect with an audience. People who have experience is creating high quality relevant content and delivering to those who will engage with it.

People like us.

James Delin