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Should a Business Try and Make It's Own Marketing Content?

Who better to create a business’ content than the business itself, right?

They know all the nooks and crannies of their business, they know all the features of their products and how they can deploy their services to best effect. Why wouldn’t they create their own content?

Unless of course they are not sure where to start…

Do they get a decent camera for photos and videos or do they just do it off someone’s phone? Phone cameras are good enough these days, right? If they do it off a phone, are their customers going to notice? Does it give the right impression?

Can they get the sort of look they want from a phone?

OK, so they decide to get a decent camera to shoot their own content, but have they got anyone in-house that has ever used one of these cameras before?

Suddenly they discover that using a decent camera is difficult and they revert back to the phone anyway because at least they can do that and post content.

  • What about adding text to their photos?

  • Or creating a whole new graphic, like a flyer or a poster?

Sure, there are some great free apps that can do that for you, but do they already know how to get the best out of them?

Or is that another 100 hours on YouTube filtering through all the dross to get to that one video which actually helps - only to discover they are using the previous version of the software than in the video?!

You get the point.

Creating engaging, relevant content to an audience is difficult. Especially if that company has no experience in creative media…

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