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What Is a Marketing 'Distribution Channel' and Why Should ALL Businesses Have One?

Let’s say that a company happens to have an enthusiastic employee with an entry level DSLR camera and a dodgy version of Photoshop…

That company (providing they had an employee with the necessary skillset) could possibly be able to create some pretty decent content, and who knows maybe it’s all they need!

Let’s say that company signs off on the content.

They’re happy with how it looks, that it has the right message for their customers and they are happy with how it represents their brand.

What do they do with it now?

  • Post it to Facebook?

  • Instagram?

  • Twitter?

  • LinkedIn?

  • Send out an email?

How many people will that content actually get seen by?

Not as many as they think if they don’t have an audience on any of those platforms.

If nobody in the company has thought about how to grow and maintain their audience, no matter how brilliant their marketing content may be, it won’t be seen by anyone!

And if a companies Marketing Content isn’t seen by anyone, then wasn’t it a waste of time creating it in the first place?

A marketing distribution channel is essentially a process Businesses use to distribute their marketing content to the right people, at the right time, anytime they want!

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