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Design Brief

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The Client’s Brief is one of the most import parts of the whole task. Below are some questions about your project we would like you to fill out in as much detail as possible. Anything that does not necessarily apply to your project just mark as “N/A”.

Name *
Poster, flyer, business cards, letter heads etc...?
What size do you require your document to be? You can use standard paper sizes (A3, A4 etc...) but if you have other dimentions please ensure you specify the unit of measurement you are using (cm, mm, inches, feet)
Do you require a colour design? *
You are welcome to use RGB, CMYK or LAB values, but a simple colour choice will be fine, we can always refine colour throughout the design process.
Please go into as much detail as you can.
Please list your design influences and any specific references you may have. Please provide links to images you would like to reference. If you have any files to upload, that can be done later in our email conversations.
What specific deadlines and milestones would you like to achieve with this project?